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Our Mission

To create lasting connections with customers in the hill country through our dedication to integrity and excellence. Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service, beautiful homes and businesses, and competitive prices. At Scotch Construction Inc, we value honesty and hard work, and we strive to provide only the best for our customers.

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What to lear more about us?

  • When and why did you start our Home Builder New Braunfels company? Show Answer

    After putting myself through college using monies earned from working in commercial construction I decided to return back to my construction days while working for McCoy’s Corporation in order to build my own home with my own two hands. I loved the process so much that I could see myself doing this full time. I had already made a successful career for myself in finance and decided that it was time to go out on my own and build a company that builds dream homes for other people.

    We started Scotch Construction in 2008 just before the housing bubble crash. Great timing!

  • How does our company solve problems for our customers in a way that is different from everybody else? Show Answer

    First, we listen. Then we satisfy. Other builders in the marketplace claim to be custom builders however they avoid the true custom features that make for a truly custom home in favor of more cookie-cutter options. We pride ourselves on being a highly custom builder that is adaptable and flexible with our custom solutions.

  • What were the early days like when we started our Home Builder New Braunfels company? Show Answer

    The first two years through the economic rebuild were tough! During this time we focused our construction expertise on completing custom remodels and additions for clients.

    Through the next few years, the company grew organically into large custom new construction projects in the residential and commercial markets as well as continuing to provide quality custom remodeling and addition services.

  • What makes our company different from our competition? Show Answer

    Our customers love asking us this question. And we love telling them about our giveback program. We give back to fostering and adoption organizations and charities for every custom home that we build. On top of that always donate the funds in the name of the client’s family.

    Another reason that we are clearly different than other builders is that we are the Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder New Braunfels, Texas.

    If you find yourself on our website we recommend that you head back to the homepage to see what great specials we are doing right now. Scotch Construction is always interested in offering specials that other builders can not touch.

  • Why are we passionate about our business and our customers? Show Answer

    Every home that we build is a dream home for our client. We love that our clients choose to build with us because there is nothing like handing over the keys to a custom-built forever dream home. We are also very passionate about helping foster kids and adopted children to find their forever homes. Because of our giveback program, we are able to help our clients and these children in need.

  • What are other things that make our company unique? Show Answer

    We generally build relationships with our clients that go beyond the building and construction process. We are not your average transactional builders. Creating a custom forever dream home is a very intimate and personal process that allows us to get to know our clients very well. We pride ourselves on creating these lasting relationships with our clients and we tend to only work with clients that value the relationship.

    If you are looking to have a new custom forever home built or you are needing a custom addition or remodel then head over to our contact us page and fill out the form there so that one of our qualified employees can reach out to schedule a free consultation or just pick up the phone and dial 830-832-6881 today.

    We are a family-owned and operated home builder New Braunfels company, established in 2008. We provide cost-effective building and remodeling services to the families and businesses of New Braunfels and the surrounding Texas hill country. We pride ourselves in not only our relentless attention to detail but also our proven ability to make your vision a reality. We not only provide exceptional customer service but we also provide:

    • Clearly detailed project plans, including budget and timeline
    • Our exceptional crew of professional, skilled and knowledgeable employees
    • Our dedication to your satisfaction
    • High quality service at affordable rates

    We strive to deliver professional, friendly service, and a commitment to excellence that is unbeatable.