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Since 2004 Scotch Construction has been building new Home Builder New Braunfels custom homes for customers throughout the Hill Country including New Braunfels, Concan, Blanco, Spring Branch, Kingsberry, and San Marcos. We are not the “cookie-cutter” builder that is the common builder for first-time home buyers.
Like many things in life, discovering what you really want and love only comes from spending time experiencing things you don’t want and don’t love. We do custom builds for those customers who know what they want in a home after spending years living in homes that were nice but were not their dream home.
Our customers have spent years feeling the restraints of their home, having to “make do” with what they have instead of having the home that actually meets all their needs. Our ideal customer has been through these learning experiences and they have come to discover several nuances they desire in their dream home, but they aren’t able to find them with a conventional builder.



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Warren Caples 3/14/2021

This family-owned and operated business has all of the benefits of dealing with a small company (personal attention to detail, willingness to work with the clients) and the cost estimate accuracy of a big builder (thanks to Tim Scotch’s accountant background). I have personally witnessed the hours and hours of work that they put into each and every estimate. They are honest to a fault, and care about the work they do. I highly recommend Scotch ... continue reading

Barbara Sutherland 2/7/2021

Tim and his team worked two projects involving the substructure of the house while we occupied the home. The work conditions were at times quite trying and complicated–needing some creativity to get the job done. The work was handled very professionally and efficiently. They worked with us to refine job details for these unusual repairs and kept us informed throughout the process. No doubt, if we have any future tough construction requirement or ... continue reading

Mary Beth Glosson 1/13/2021

Tim Scotch and his team are professional and is certainly committed to excellence. They are forward thinkers and will guide you through one of your most wonderful investments , your personal custom home..Their core values of family and faith are an extension that shows through their work. Great choice in your Custom home build.

These special features added to the home are what make the difference between a nice home and dream home for our customers. Our customers are at a place in their lives where they know what they want in their home and they have the means to bring those dreams into reality. We build the house that suits the lot. This includes taking into consideration the slope of the lot, the view, the trees, and the cut into the side of hills. Custom homes are as diverse as each individual customer. We have built Home Builder New Braunfels custom features such as walk out basements and large glass walls to see the view of a lake. We have built large 6000+ sqft homes as well as small homes at 1600 sqft. We’ve built homes with a bunker built in for preparation for the future. We’ve built homes with secret rooms that include gun safes. We’ve built a home that met the owners requirement of having a gun safe actually built into the slab. The end result is a home that is unique and that meets our customers requirements for life instead of our customers having to adjust their lives to fit their home.

Showcase of our completed custom residential projects

Our customers are very specific with what they want in their Home Builder New Braunfels custom kitchens. One customer was adamant about using all mahogany in their kitchen – the floors, the doors, the window frames, the panels. They wanted it all to be mahogany and we made that happen for them. It all had to match. No pine at all! Many of our customers will come to us with pictures from Pinterest. Most of the time these pictures are followed with the sentence, “We really like something like this, only we’d like to add these changes.” We make it happen. So many of today’s homes are moving to open floor concepts with exposed beams. We can build it. Once a customer had a dream of their home having multiple fireplaces. We made it happen!

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If you are at this point in your life where you are ready to build your dream home that actually fits your lifestyle rather than having to limit your lifestyle to fit your home, then we need to talk today! Please contact us and let’s set up an appointment to meet as soon as possible to discuss the process of us making it happen for you.

What does the “Process” look like?

Our clients often bring us their designs they’ve received from their architect for us to create an estimate for them. Unfortunately, architects rarely consider (or are even aware of) any kind of budget when they are designing the home. The client says they want a specific design and the architect designs it. As a result, it’s not uncommon for the architect to design the home to include 100% of all the bells and whistles the client desires only to discover the reality of building the home is beyond their budget. We do our very best to work with your plans to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned at a price that fits your budget.

Phase One
The Dream
  • Consultation
  • Creating the Design
Phase Two
The Plan
  • Budget
  • Building Agreement (Construction Contract)
Phase Three
The Work
  • Gaining all needed permits
  • Break ground
  • We’ll provide you with state of the art software so you can see daily updates
  • Consistent, scheduled touch points on all your selections
  • Build the home
Phase Four
The Delivery
  • Final Walk Through and PunchList
  • Special Housewarming Gift
  • Home Delivery
  • Photo and video Shoot
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