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Home Remodeling

Many of our customers love their home and their location and they have no interest in moving. Their dream is to remodel their existing home to accommodate their growing (or shrinking) family and lifestyle. Most of our clients are not first-time homeowners. They’ve owned their home for many years. They have raised their family and created many, many memories and traditions that they don’t want to forget or leave behind. However, as time has passed, their family needs have changed and upgrades are needed to meet these changing needs. That’s where Scotch Construction comes in.

Many of the original homes in the hill country were built back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and are very compartmentalized. Back then, open floor plans weren’t the style. Today, these homes, even though they are beautiful, can feel cramped and small. What “worked” 15 years ago just doesn’t work today for many of our customers. We do large-scale remodels as well as add ons to existing homes. These large projects usually include major work like a complete gutting of the home to change the entire floor plan; opening up rooms; redesigning the roof; putting in new flooring or upgrading and replacing all your windows. We’ve seen it all and we’ve done it all! From stripping it all the way down to the “sticks” (studs) to creating a new floor plan to taking out formal dining room walls to open up more living space, our team can make it happen. We’ve even come close to doubling the size of the home through a remodel project so the house could continue being a home for the growing family needs.

Ready to work with us?

If you are at this point in your life where you are ready to build your dream home that actually fits your lifestyle rather than having to limit your lifestyle to fit your home, then we need to talk today! Please contact us and let’s set up an appointment to meet as soon as possible to discuss the process of us making it happen for you.

What does the “Process” look like?

Our clients often bring us their designs they’ve received from their architect for us to create an estimate for them. Unfortunately, architects rarely consider (or are even aware of) any kind of budget when they are designing the home. The client says they want a specific design and the architect designs it. As a result, it’s not uncommon for the architect to design the home to include 100% of all the bells and whistles the client desires only to discover the reality of building the home is beyond their budget. We do our very best to work with your plans to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned at a price that fits your budget.

Phase One
The Dream
  • Consultation
  • Creating the Design
Phase Two
The Plan
  • Budget
  • Building Agreement (Construction Contract)
Phase Three
The Work
  • Gaining all needed permits
  • Break ground
  • We’ll provide you with state of the art software so you can see daily updates
  • Consistent, scheduled touch points on all your selections
  • Build the home
Phase Four
The Delivery
  • Final Walk Through and PunchList
  • Special Housewarming Gift
  • Home Delivery
  • Photo and video Shoot
Having Questions
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