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Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers

  • What kind of decisions do I have to make in order to use you for my home builder New Braunfels pro? Show Answer

    The first decision would be the lot. Having trouble locating one? We have home builder New Braunfels relationships with real estate agents and can refer you to someone who can help. If you have a lot that you love, we can work with you and our design team to come up with a floor plan that fits your needs. If you have a floorplan that you love, we can assist in locating a lot that would be ideal for that floor plan. When looking at lots in this area, we typically recommend the western side of I-35. The reason for that is that the land northwest of I-35 tends to be much more rocky and solid to build on. There has been some volatility in the soil east of I-35 which can cause foundation instability and even cracking. To avoid this, it is critical to find the right region and neighborhood in which to conduct your search.

  • What do you do If my wife and I don’t agree on the color of the carpet? Show Answer

    As home builders New Braunfels, we know the general consensus from our team is “Happy Wife = Happy Life”. That being said, might we suggest that you concede the color of the carpet in exchange for a custom storage area for your golf cart/ATV or an upgraded shop area? In all seriousness, building a custom home is all about your dreams and we generally are able to make suggestions that will make your new home special for all family members.

  • What happens if I change my mind on something? Show Answer

    This is a great question. We work with our customers to try to give them, first the notification and then secondly, the time, to make selection decisions like lighting, flooring, and paint choices as early as possible in the process and before the work is begun! Because of the high degree of collaboration, many of our customers have found that their changes are identified early enough to avoid major impacts to the schedule or budget. However, sometimes home builder New Braunfels customers find something they like better or have second thoughts about decisions. Our goal is to work as hard as we can to make your vision become a reality and we will do work over again if you decide to change your mind that late in the process. However, for late decision changes like changing your mind on a paint color after the paint is on all the walls and dried – we will need to issue an invoice to you for that work. Let me give you a more detailed example. Let’s say you’re having your kitchen retiled as part of a full scale remodel and renovation. You select the tile and the teams begin their work. At the finish, you see the tile and decide the color, shape, or other characteristics are not to your liking and you request to again retile the kitchen with a different product. At this stage, redoing tile would be possible but we would issue you another invoice to have the work done. If you had caught it at an earlier stage, we could possibly negotiate to redo the work. However, when jobs are complete, payment is due. How do you avoid this scenario? Try to work with us and our subcontractors as best you can to familiarize yourself with the products as much as you can, ask for samples, and look at them in different lighting scenarios. To summarize, the more decisions on selections you make before the process begins and early on in the process –the faster your home will be built and the smoother the sailing!

  • Can you control the weather? Do you work in bad weather? Show Answer

    Unfortunately we cannot control the weather and construction can be delayed due to extended periods of inclement weather. Depending on the phase of construction, some work may be able to continue as long as it is safe for our employees.

  • Do you have employees or do you rely on all subcontractors? Show Answer

    The short answer to this question is both.

    We employ a team of professional home builder New Braunfels that are the best in their field from project management, marketing, sales, and accounting. We have a team approach at Scotch Construction which plays to the strengths of our team members. If a particular task would be better suited to a different member of the team we are not afraid to “pass the ball” in order to get that task handled in the most efficient manner.

    We also have a portfolio of trusted subcontractors that are the best in their prospective trades, many of which we have worked with for years. Both our employees and subcontractors share our core values and pride themselves on quality work and impeccable customer service.